Call Center Services

Call Center Services



These services are primarily voice based services. "Customer is king" in any business and businesses should ensure that their customers are happy all the time. Most of the time customers are satisfied if their problems are heard. It's important to set up communication platform in place to avoid disconnects with the customers. Communication platform should be designed to receive calls and to call out customers.

We at Zusys Tech provide inbound, outbound, Email, Chat and blended solutions to our clients. We do provide technical support and 24x7 help desk services.

It's imperative to keep existing customers happy and induct new customers. Call Centre Services can help businesses to stay connected with their customers through inbound and outbound. Any business has to earn a satisfied customer as he will bring more customers to the business. It can go the other way if a customer is not serviced well.

The following are some of our services and we are happy customize our services to specific requirements of our clients.

  • Cold Calling
  • E-Com & Telemarketing
  • Customer Survey
  • Information Verification
  • 3rd Party Verification
  • Sale Support
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Debt Collection
  • Lead Generation Services

Technical Support



It's becoming inevitable to sell software, digital and electronic products without assured technical support. The customers are required to be consistently supported to keep them happy and to make use of the products and services to the fullest. The technical support feature is the deciding factor for the purchase of the product. Customers are keen to purchase products only with support and some are happy to spend more to get it with technical support.

In general any software product or services are used by various people in an organisation and users will need to take the help of the company which provided the product for support. A professional technical support will make all the differences.

We at Zusys Tech offer customised technical support functions for software, electronic gadgets, electronic products, special equipments etc. Our training department takes the formal training from the client and the same will be imparted to the team to provide support. Our services are customised to cater to various time zones, languages and skills.

The technical support functions can be offered through call centre, email support and chat support . There are new opportunities to sell add on products and services through the technical support function.

Some of our support services offered to our clients.

  • L1 - L5 Technical support services for software, hardware and products.
  • Answering Service
  • Configuration and new set-ups
  • Technical Trouble ticket management
  • Add On Sales and support
  • Up Selling

Our Advantages

  • Uninterrupted 24x7 support
  • Unique methodology to execute projects
  • Train the Trainer model
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Scalability in short time
  • Highly talented work force

Customer Service



"Customer is King" applies to any business and no company can approach customer service function as noncore, expensive and unproductive function in a business. If a business neglects servicing customers then they are in the wrong side of the business.

For any business converting a user into a customer is important but transforming a customer into repeat customer is more important for profitability. Caring for customers, attending their concerns and resolving them effectively and on time are vital for your business.

A happy, satisfied customer will bring in more customers. The new customer acquisition is made possible only because of offering a good customer support.

An effective and active customer support function will strengthen the client and customer relationship. It will give them a positive feeling about the brand. Customers are assured that they can always approach the department for any issues and it will be resolved.

We will also get an opportunity to up sell additional services and products to the customers through this function. The expenditure on the function can be justified and at the same time the customers are also serviced well.

We offer such professional, polite and affable customer service to any business across the Globe. We make use of powerful call scripting system and handle the customer queries easily and effectively.

We offer Customer Service via multiple channels:

  • Customer Support
  • Customer Complaint
  • Customer Helpline
  • Customer Inquiry
  • Customer Feedback
Contact Zusys Tech for trustworthy and cost effective customer service solutions.

Inbound Sales



Inbound sales refer to situations in which the customer contacts the organization in order to enquire about and/or purchase a product or service. Inbound sales are becoming more profitable than traditional outbound sales.

As per statistics 90% of inbound sales calls are converted and it's important to have a well equipped inbound sales team to convert those calls into sales. We provide customised and exclusive inbound sales support to our clients. We will hire a team, train them in the process exclusively and the trained team will handle calls. A trained executive will be able to explain the features and benefits of the client's products / services.

A customer who is calling inbound sales number is a half sale, he/she either has a need or wants to know the need of the product. The sales executive has just need to clarify questions or explain the benefits to the potential customer and convert in to a full sale. Our customised CRM comes in handy to manage these campaigns and we ensure every inbound sales lead is either converted or added in the database for future sales.

Inbound Sales involves marketing focused on becoming found by desired customers. So Inbound sales representatives, product knowledge and sales strategy are important in an Inbound selling process. We have a team of experienced inbound sales executives, who can be well trained for your products and we follow a strong sales strategy, which can be customized for your products and services.

Our Inbound sales' customer service starts right from getting all the basic details of the customer, his/her needs and a regular follow-up to make a sale and follow-up after sale to check if the customer is happy with the product.

Contact us for inbound sales service that can be completely customized for any product or service.

Inbound Sales



Email Support Services
Responding to emails received is crucial for any business, especially these days where email has become a major communication medium. Large organizations receive loads of emails daily and responding to each one of them becomes a tedious process for them and so such companies started to outsource their Email support to BPO companies.

Chat Support Services
It's becoming inevitable to address queries of online customers as businesses are inclining towards online mode. Chat support creates opportunity to answer customer's questions instantly while they are browsing, facilitate their online experience for smoother navigation and grab them from dropping out. The chats can be either solving a product or service related query or request for a call back or selling a product or service. We offer Chat support service to handle such process.

There is a potential to save 20-30% of customers from getting dropped out. Online customers have started to expect online chat support in websites for quick answers. Chat support is not restricted to technical support only and applicable to any type of websites.

Qualities of a good chat support

  • Instant responses
  • Use of Easy to understand language
  • Professional
  • Error Free
  • Proactive


  • Each desk can handle up to 3 concurrent chats
  • Exclusive desk for each client.
  • Group chat options
  • Canned Messages for faster chats
  • Chat forwarding / escalation
  • Reports on daily chats
  • Monthly consolidated reports


  • We will be using 5-6 trained resources to provide 24x7 support for 1 desk.
  • Knowledge base with FAQs will be created for each client.
  • The scope of services will be limited to knowledge base.
  • The knowledge base will be constantly upgraded for effective operations.
  • The escalations will be emailed to the client on a daily basis for further action.

Email and Chat Support can be offered for:

  • Customer Service
  • Techinical Support / Help Desk
  • Inbound Support
  • Order Taking

Business Process Outsourcing Services



In general, the process of outsourcing specific business functions to a third party BPO Company is called Business Process Outsourcing. Businesses can outsource the core and non core business functions to BPO companies to reduce cost on overheads, get specialized services and faster TAT. The usual practice by companies are to outsource operations, back office clerical activities, Accounting functions, HR functions, Sales & Marketing, customer support, IT support services, Procurement etc.

This will give opportunities to companies to explore skilled talents from the BPO Company and at a lesser cost. The BPO companies can provide flexibility in terms of deliverables, costs, meeting deadlines and implementing technological advancements.

We specialize the following BPO Outsourcing services:

  • Product Information
  • Refund Request
  • Claim Processing
  • Order Processing
  • Warranty Replacement
  • Marketing Research & Quality Survey
  • Billing Queries
  • Dispatching
Contact Zusys Tech for trustworthy and cost effective bpo service solutions.

ECom Support Services



The E-com industry has reached a full shape and had become a parallel channel for brick and mortar trade. The industry has been evolved with many changes and practices. There are global E-com companies making a wave in every country they enter. The industry requires huge work force in all functions of the business.

There is a huge scope for outsourcing all the functions of the business. It requires a good back end support to have the right products and offers displayed to the customers to facilitate purchase. The e-com would require a helping hand to manage their growing business as they cannot add more staffs all the time.

We have been providing various support functions to E-Com companies. It ranges from product management, cart management, offers and deals, order fulfillment, customer support, after sales support etc. Our team has good working knowledge in various E-com platforms like Shopify, Magento, Zencart, OS commerce etc.

Some of our services are

  • Shop Management
  • Cart Management
  • Customer Support
  • Order Processing
  • Payments
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Lead Generation Services



Our team brings over a decade of experience in lead generation services. We focus on building our clients ROI by providing lead generation services that help fuel sales.

When running a business, aligning yourself with other companies that can help your bottom line revenue can really make a difference towards your level of success. As the global leader in providing high performing lead generation solutions, WebiMax looks forward to making your company the next partner to improve their overall sales.

We have been providing various support functions to E-Com companies. It ranges from product management, cart management, offers and deals, order fulfillment, customer support, after sales support etc. Our team has good working knowledge in various E-com platforms like Shopify, Magento, Zencart, OS commerce etc.

Targeted Leads

We provide our clients with a lead generation service that increases the number of targeted and qualified leads. Our exclusive focus is to provide these prospects by developing a lead generation strategy that effectively garners these leads. While we work by providing "ready to purchase sales opportunities," that’s only part of the plan. We also create demand for the leads immediately in an effort to increase the viability of those prospects. With these efforts, we can effectively work to fulfill our clients’ needs.

Sales-Funnel Improvement

Follow-through is one of the most important aspects in sales management and opportunities and efforts can be wasted because of slow response and lack of effort on the back end. Strong lead generation services rely on quick turnarounds and speedy responses. When an inquiry goes unanswered, the chances of it becoming an opportunity become less and less likely. Regardless of the size of your sales force, WebiMax can work with your needs to help grow your business.

Web Services

In case you haven’t noticed, the Web has become an important marketplace for brands. We pride ourselves in the services we provide our clients that help their online profile. From search engine optimization to e-mail marketing to social media marketing services, we provide online exposure for each of our strategic partners so that they can really make a foothold in their respective online market. Over our 10+ years, we've mastered all forms of digital marketing to provide the most optimal lead generation service for our clients.

Contact Zusys Tech for trustworthy and cost effective Lead Generation Service solutions.

Customer Retention & Acquisition



Are you ready to maintain the loyalty of your customers and increase sales?

According to the White House Consumer Affairs, you’re spending six or seven times more to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer. You can save some money by focusing on keeping your existing clients happy before you worry about getting new clients – not to mention, statistics from Marketing Matrix show that it’s easier for companies to sell to existing customers than to get the first sale from a new customer:

How the client retention program works

A client retention program from Lobster Marketing helps you connect with your existing customer base to maintain their loyalty and increase sales. They already know and trust your work, so lets help them see the full range of services you offer and problems you can solve for them.

Our client retention programs are not cookie cutter, rather they are designed to meet the unique needs of your industry and to help you achieve your marketing objectives. Based on your company's wants and needs, we'll develop a customized client retention program to help you maximize revenue from existing relationships, as well as reacquire lost ones.

We specialize the following Customer Retention & Acquisition services:

  • Back Office
  • Email Support
  • Chat Support
  • Bulk SMS
  • Data Entry
  • Document Scaning & Imaging
  • Voice Inbound Process
  • Voice Outbound Process
Contact Zusys Tech for trustworthy and cost effective Customer Retention & Acquisition Service solutions.

Debt Collection Services (Insurance, Cards )



Debt collection is a professional solution for commercial and consumer debt collection. It can also be referred as a legitimate business process during which creditors meant to secure due payments from the consumers for which they are legally bound to pay or repay. Outsourcing such stressful but crucial business activities to us can enhance your convenience to a greater extent.

At Zusys Tech, we are engaged in offering skilled debt collection services to our customers. We possess the expertise to recover the debt amount and facilitate follow-up payments for you. The provision of suitable court action & repossession can also be taken into consideration as per the case requirements.

Some of our key debt collection services are:

  • Agency collection recovery services solution
  • Financial Collection services
  • Diversified collection servicesRefuse collection disposal services
  • Check collection recovery services
  • Collection credit services
  • Data collection services


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